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GMA International Services Inc. brings a unique business experience that includes identifying and targeting a prospect, putting together a highly qualified team, developing a win strategy, vehicle delivery, refurbishment (for Mass Transit Railcars) and Design Build (for Automated Systems) followed by Operations and Maintenance. This start-to-finish knowledge offers our customers and partners an unparalleled experience.

Automated Transit Systems Including Operations & Maintenance Services

Design-Build-Operate-Maintain experience comprises of comprehensive design, manufacturing, installation, testing and operations and maintenance activities for automated systems (including but not limited to the integration of vehicles, control systems, communication systems, power distribution system, station equipment, guideway equipment, safety equipment, maintenance facility and design and construction of guideway and columns)

Mr. Antoniello has successfully provided extensive program management experience and expertise on the implementation of four major DBOM projects. He served as Program Director on the Washington Dulles International Airport APM System responsible for securing and managing the DBOM contract which included:

  • Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Scheduling
  • Administration
  • Training
  • Testing & Commissioning

In addition to the above, Mr. Antoniello was also responsible in a very similar capacity as Program Director for the Miami International Airport North Terminal APM System project.  He also served as part of the Executive Oversight Committee for the MIC-MIA APM system in Miami, FL, as well as the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport APM Systemproviding executive oversight and guidance to a consortium of companies responsible for the successful completion of these DBOM projects.

Tampa International
Airport SkyConnect

Consultant – Commercial & Technical

Orlando International Airport A1,
B3 and South Terminal APMs

Consultant – Commercial & Technical

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson
International Airport SkyTrain

Program Director/Construction Manager

Miami International Airport
MIA Mover

Program Director/Construction Manager

Miami International Airport
North Terminal

Program Director

Washington Dulles International
Airport AeroTrain

Program Director



Safety First - While Program Director, the Dulles project was presented with the prestigious Safety Award in 2009 from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority for employing best safety practices throughout the duration of the project.



Mass Transit

Heavy Rail, Commuter Rail, Intercity High Speed Rail, Light Rail, DMU Railcars

In the Mass Transit sector, Mr. Antoniello’s experience spans over 30 years. Throughout his career he has held numerous diverse positions, beginning with hands-on experience as a shift supervisor responsible for overhauling the R-36 followed by the Site Manager for the R-38 and R-40 subway cars for NYCTA, later becoming the Site Manager where he was responsible for the testing and commissioning of the LIRR M-3/M3A commuter rail cars. His responsibility and leadership roles continued throughout his career and resulted in an unparalleled experience as described below:

Direct Experience - VP/Program Director, Program Manager, Product Support Manager, Site Manager
  • Gallery cars for Virginia Rail Express.
  • EMU’s to Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District.
  • Gallery cars for Chicago Metra.
  • Contracts for overhauling subway cars for New York City Transit Authority, these included R-36, R-38 and R-40 contracts.
  • State of Maryland (MDOT) Marc Push/Pull cars.
  • Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) EMU cars.
  • Joint Powers Board (JPB) Contract Administration and final Assembly planning, which included locating and establishing a final assembly plant for new Gallery Type Rail Cars.
  • Acceptance-testing for 316 EMU commuter rail cars (designed and built by Budd Company Railway Division) for Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) car procurements M-3 and Metro North Commuter Rail (MNCR) M-3A.


High Speed Rail (Team Japan)

GMAI has supported “Team Japan” in their efforts to bring the world-famous service proven Shinkansen Bullet Train into the U.S. marketplace: Florida, California and most recently Texas. In Texas, our firm was the lead planner for the Texas High Speed Rail initiative as an Owner’s Representative to Texas Central Partners where we were responsible for

  • Planning and structuring the Core System Program including a customized “Buy Plan” for TCP
  • Integrating the proven Shinkansen technology with the Civil and Fixed facilities including stations, maintenance and storage facilities, and right-of-way
  • Developing the Technical Specifications for the Core System
  • Developing the Operations and Maintenance Plan for the Core System

Investment Planning & Acquisition Support

GMA International Services provides investment planning & acquisition support services to a wide range of organizations. Our experience stems from several business line diversification initiatives led by Mr. Antoniello during his 25 year tenure at Sumitomo, resulting in the establishment of several growing and profitable subsidiaries. These initiatives included business sectors such as services, heavy machinery & equipment, technology, construction and leasing.

GMA International Services has the ability to lead or supplement startups, mergers, turn-around, and strategic withdrawal planning. Our experience and expertise includes: effectively measuring and evaluating business models, business environment analysis, growth and sustainability, evaluating operations, management’s strengths/weaknesses including risks and threats.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Over the last four (4) years, GMAI has been actively involved in providing Project Development and Support for several Public-Private Projects (P3s) in the Transit Industry throughout the United States.

  • Identify opportunities
  • Organize a Team, Evaluate and Select (best fit) technology solution
  • Develop a Technical and Commercial Strategy including political considerations

Transit Industry related P3s:

  • Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)
    • Project Planning and Development
    • Selecting the Preferred Alignment and Alternative Alignments
    • Conducting Feasibility and Ridership forecasts
  • Automated People Movers (APMs)
    • Leading a Team to Plan, Finance, Design, Build, Operate and Maintain (FDBOM) an elevated APM service to connect a major US airport with a medical center, residential community and a mass transit commuter service
  • Short Line Freight Railroad
    • Partner with the US Government in an Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) to create a unique economic development zone, adding strategic rail access to a major US port
    • Specifically seeks to create value for the US Government by redeploying underutilized assets, while benefiting the local community through commercial development and job creation

Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Solutions

GMAI has a working relationship with the leading Autonomous Vehicle (AV) system providers in the world that is service proven transporting millions of passengers since 1999 at Level 4 Automation. We are focused on delivering High Capacity Service Proven AV Solutions with them on several Target Projects in the United States.

Project Management Oversight (PMO)

From concept through completion, GMAI provides technical and various engineering support including administrative services to our clients to ensure they meet their obligations as an extension of their staff and protecting their interests.
GMAI oversees activities ranging from planning, coordination, scheduling and cost control, to design, construction and commissioning specializing in serving both public and private clients with extensive expertise in program management for major Mass Transit projects. Our expertise includes:

  • Delivery and Contracting Strategies
  • Cost Estimating, Master Budget Analysis and Management
  • Program Planning and Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Master Scheduling/Schedule Analysis
  • Change Order Management


  • Claims Avoidance/Management
  • Manufacturing Inspection including Vendor FAIs
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Design Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Facility Condition/Life Cycle Assessments