GMAI's Latest Developments

Project DragonBreath
a Fully Automated Disinfecting System

In order to restore public confidence, transit agencies will need to not only demonstrate the ability to clean, disinfect, and sanitize the railcars, but the overall public sentiment about transit systems’ safe operation must change as well. GMAI’s technology solutions will contribute to restoring and maintaining public confidence in Mass Transit.


GMAI’s flagship product, the patent-pending DragonBreath™ Automated Disinfecting System, has been designed to address the presence of COVID-19 Coronavirus particles as well as many other types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses using an EPA-certified disinfectant solution. DragonBreath™ automatically disinfects and sanitizes all interior spaces within a railcar or trainset to ensure that infectious agents are neutralized.


Our innovative technology solution has been developed to automatically operate on all types of Mass Transit systems including but not limited to High Speed Rail, Commuter Rail, Metros and Light Rail. The DragonBreath™ central command software gives us the capability to disinfect one car at a time or an entire fleet depending on the client’s requirements and constraints. Additionally, our fogging hardware is manufactured in the United States using components that support a useful life up to 25 years.


Once it has been scheduled to match the operational needs of a given transit organization, the DragonBreath™ system performs its duties automatically with no manual intervention required beyond the periodic fluid refills. There is no requirement to have cleaning staff go through a vehicle and manually spray or wipe down all surfaces.


Transit agencies will typically schedule the system to run in off-peak hours, but it can also be programmed to disinfect on-demand if circumstances require extra disinfecting events.  For example, after the morning rush a typical transit agency may take some trainsets out of operation for minor maintenance or cleaning. During this brief period, DragonBreath™ could disinfect the vehicles before returning back to service, should the customer desire multiple disinfecting activities to take place throughout the day.



To learn more about DragronBreath, please contact GMAI.